Commercial photography covers all kinds of business images that show the work or company´s mission. This type of photography is used for advertising, printed catalogs, web pages, and social networks.

I have had the opportunity to work in advertising and corporate photography for companies such as Cajasan, Comultrasan, Hotel Guatiguará (San Gil), Hotel Tarigua (Ocaña), Hotel Ciudad Bonita, Hotel Asturias, Hotel Andino, Doña Petrona, Bavaria, Carulla, María Magreth Spa, Constructora Parque Central (Bogota), Cacique Shopping Center, Megamall Shopping Center, Inmobiliaria y Constructora Incomesa, Habitar Bienes y Proyectos, Dekotronika (Bogotá), Ceramics (Barranquilla / Bucaramanga), Ardisa, UDES Industrial Management Technology Program, Office Extension UDES, UNAB University, Terpel, Ecopetrol, Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce, Disfarma, Artegirón, Creativa BTL (Bogotá), Coomultrasan Salud, Triaxial Creative Solutions Ltda. (Medellin), Grupo Sura, among others.